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Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein. ~ J.W. von Goethe

Paraguayan national doing grad school at the University of Victoria.

M.Sc. UVic

CSC 578D (Data Mining & Applied Machine Learning)

Notes and examples taken during the course CSC578D at the University of Victoria. The datasets used in each explanation can be found here. They belong to the Weka dataset and can be found also by downloading the Weka application here.

If you want to borrow some of this code for your own use is fine by me, BUT please write me an email first requesting permission, and add a mention as to the origin of the code you used.

  1. Decision Trees - ID3

    The ID3 algorithm is used for educational purposes nowadays, supports only nominal values.

  2. Rules-Based Classifier
  3. Naïve Bayes Classifier
  4. Naïve Bayes Classifier for Text
  5. Simple Linear Regression using scikit-learn
  6. Perceptron
  7. Linear Regression
  8. Logistic Regression
  9. Project (Crime Analysis in Chicago)
  10. Final Assignment (SVM, Clustering, Association Analysis, Recommendation Systems)

Random Junk

  1. Compute Primes in C
  2. Integer to Byte Array in Java (Spanish)
  3. Algorithm for converting SAX to DOM.

Past Projects

  1. Final B.Sc.'s Project (Spanish)


Location: Outside Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood (Portland, OR, USA / February 2015)
Camera: iPhone 5S

Name: Unappreciated Beauty
Location: Asunción, PY
Camera: Nikon Coolpix

Victoria / BC / Canada

Name: Victoria, BC Street Photography
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Camera: Fujifilm X-T20